About In Home Showroom


Staging homes for a successful sale requires much more than placing decor. The stager must help the property tell a story. A story of how everyday life may unfold in the space. It requires a stager who can craft that story with quality and care. This is what makes us different and what will make the story of your property come to life.

The Birth of In Home Showroom

Tammy and Trey have known each other for over 30 years. Trey’s background is in retail and merchandising, and Tammy spent many years in the hospitality and sales industry. Between the two of them, they have moved 14 times their short lives. Every time they had to sell, they would stage their own homes, and many times, their friends and family would ask them to come to decorate their homes. Most people assumed that they were interior designers. Recently, they had the opportunity to purchase the inventory of an upscale furniture showroom, which they did. They are excited to introduce “In-Home Showroom” with the ability to stage multiple homes at a time with 100% new, upscale, modern furniture. They are eager to help realtors and homeowners to sell their homes faster.